Zombie PVP | Build | Legacy | Minigame servers, with custom plugins and active Admins/Moderators

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combat arenas

Fight in our custom built arena map


  • Themed PVP game modes

  • 1v1

  • 2v2

  • 2v1

  • Free For All

  • Team Deathmatch

  • One in the chamber

  • NPC Survival



This a re-creation of the original Legacy Rust map

Wipe Schedule: Currently only on forced wipes however we are polling the players

This map is NOT for public OR private use, it has been made by The Horde for use on our servers only, if we catch you running it on your server we'll find out and shame you (click here for an example)


  • Terrain and textures imported from original Legacy Rust map file and polished

  • Legacy Style rocks hand placed on all rock textures

  • Custom Legacy style monuments

  • Radiation

  • A kill zone at the water level

  • PVP server


All players on the 5x Zombies server receive rewards with each vote.

Vote by clicking the links below:

Type /reward list to see the available rewards
After you've voted, type /claim to receive your rewards

The more votes, the bigger the rewards
Vote count resets at the beginning of every wipe